161 - Moomintroll

Mon 11 Aug 1997
Jon Barber

[Marked only as Phil, so had to guess U or B -- JGT]

We went down to have a look at the climb up beyond Moomintroll. Having taken a drill battery with us we then found that the drill did not work. There were no bolting kits either so we went to look anyway.

We traversed around the terrifying pit (8 ft deep) and found the climb. Looked at it for a bit and then I climbed up it. There were only a few loose hand holds. I rigged a rope for Phil and up he came.

As expected, there was a large aven. However, there was no obvious way on. We sat down for a bit while we decided what to do next. At this point, some water was heard dripping. I went to investigate a tiny tube where the noise was coming from. After removing a few rocks the floor dropped away to reveal a 30 ft drop into a large space. With a little enlargement someone will be able to fit through and see where the draft is coming from.

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    161 - Moomintroll