161 - Trip to climb pitch in bugger

Sat 13 Jul 1996
David Fearon

BECKA - logbook said "(actually 13th, Ed.)" so have changed date from 11/7 to 13/7

Trip to climb pitch in bugger. Took Juliette & Andy on their first trip in K.H. Our first trip in 161d. AndrewA told me I was climbing up bugger, so, off we went. Trundle, trundle, crappy walking route, nice cave, but not very much. Pitch was quite shit. I threw rocks on Andy A as hard as I could, with very little success. Although there were still rocks left by the top I had run out of excuses to throw rocks, so I put in some bolts instead. Somewhat disappointing passage at the top; no extensive phreatic development horizontally. A nice pitch though, with excellent boom. Wobbling death rock near top. Smaller pitches & some crap leads.

T/U 6 hours

Previous trip (failing to climb up at Bugger) / Next trip (surveying)

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