161 - Entrance a

Tue 25 Jul 1995

Trundled down, intending to go to check out QM above Bungalow. Got sidetracked:

1) Checked holes in floor where dewdrop meets Left Hand route. Hole closest to dewdrop can be descended 4m to 10-12m pitch. Nearby (larger) hole joins to same spot but connection is nastily[???] small. Probably goes into complicated area of garden party.

2) Walked round corner to rift beyond G.P. traverse. Andy shinned up RH wall into passage above which looks out over squeeze pitch & then goes right (along rift). 5m gets to a pitch - looks choked but not yet checked.

Wook went & chopped spare off end of S'not rope for use on downclimb. This was instead used to protect climb up over pitch into rift continuation. Beyond was a few more metres of passage, choke at accessible level, but with pitch into section below. This passage at 90deg to rift.

[Grade I survey sketch (plan) of section described above - "Cowboy Caver"]

3) Finally got to objective (after chopping rope some more to get out of new bit)

Looked out at huge space above Boulder Alley. Then popped down passage & Wook did traverse across big drop. Very windy. Pretties beyond! Care required to avoid. 10m beyond is climb through window to 18m pitch, at bottom is crap rifty bit to totally huge rift pitch - at least 60m - probably 80, but hard to get a clean rock throw.

[Grade I survey sketch (plan) of section described above - "Semidetached"]

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