161 - Fudge Brownie

Sun 24 Jul 1994

Push, survey, derig France beyond Fudge Brownie. Finished rigging at rift beyond Fudge Brownie [two words illegible]. Rocky Horror Surveyed to bottom of rift connecting to Steve's passage. Found another rift 20-28m down, fucking scary because loose as Ali's ass after a bean feast. 2 leads either end, but requires real caving. Very good trip. P.S. Tackle sacs full of rope and bolting kits is _shit_ gear. - Tackle hauling is also shit gear. Took 5 hrs to derig from Algeria, with a couple of diversions whilst I went & measured the length of a survey leg nr top of Frogs Legs that I had failed to record, and failed to derig entrance pitch deviation so had to go back down & get it. Performing a changeover whilst attached to a sod off tacklebag is _really_ shit gear. AJD.