Dungeon (2)

Mon 15 Jul 1991
Fran Lane

(Date guessed)

Started bolting in Dungeon @ the bottom of the boulder slope in Big Sainsbury's. Got two bolts in. I went for a wander underneath some boulders and told them I'd found a four second pitch, hummm !!! so Iain went down having rigged off a large natural thread. Realised that people had been there before and having discussed it with Del realised we'd found the squeeze bypass and had dropped into the LH route close to the old camp. Went for a tourist - rigged SNOT pitch - Iain was blowing his nose down it - rigged the chunnel - went as far as bungalow - my light died - Iain + Del went as far a Knossus came back. Dels light had died by then so all three of us came out on one light which made life interesting !

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