Fri 12 Jul 1991
Jon Williams

Push at end of Puffball got off to a poor start at the planning start. We had two hangers and very few spits. This was solved by carrying down lots of LADDERS (hee hee !) and making some rope slings from a knobend of SRT rope.

Arrived at the end after 2 hours of steady caving and rerigged the last pitch which had had a knot change on it. A nice natural belay got us down the second half into a small chamber. From here a small 10' drop leads into a largish passage. This ended in an area of breakdown where a 20' ladder was used, popping out into another shaft series. Our second hanger was used to keep the ladders out of the water; we left "Traditional Style Pitches" still going. T/U 8½ hours

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