basecamp - Detackled

Sat 12 Sep 1987
Chris Densham

12th Sep '87 Detackled campsite and dug the beer-bottle tops out of the mud.

mileage for Rover: Austria 74675, Cam 75615

* Animal wants to say he walked to Nipple and back with gear, went to 87 to detackle and back, then to Marilyn & back with more gear. Wow, what a hero ! T/U ½ hour

The weather started to deteriorate so we made for home.

I now look like a bloody zebra crossing. Burnt leg above and below knee bandage - burn hands, arms, neck and face !

Several beers were consumed and the following items of note were made:

1) Someone in the Austrian club is acquiring our journals before they reach the appropriate person. In future copies should be sent to either:

Sepp Steinberger or Alfred Auer

at their Club: Verein für Höhlenkunde in Obersteier,
Postfach 39,
A-8983 Bad Mitterndorf.

They want copies of 1985 CU (send 3)

They want copies of Andy Waddington's catalogue (send 3)

Also send 1 copy of above to

Günther Stummer,
Institut für Höhlenkunde,
Messeplatz 1, Stiege 10/1,
A-1070 WIEN

It is important that Günther gets copies of everything _as soon_ as it is published.

They want the bones (skull + jaws + teeth only) found in 109, Sepp will call back to collect.

88 will have to be renumbered 87A and 87 to 87B

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