Thursday. Light drizzle. 144 pointless trip.

Thu 08 Aug 1985
Brian Derby

Mike R, Tina, Gavin, Stef + Brian - yes, that many and a sure fire recipe for disaster. First Mike forgot his gloves. Arrived at cave, underground 8 pm. Stef and I abbed to Yellow Brick Road then waited an hour for the others. Would have had tea but no stove ! Bastards. All together then M + S zapped off to detackle connection and bring stove. Gavin tried Roddick's Dive, down in 2 minutes, "That idiot should be dead" came out of hole. Gavin wanted to go down and back for experience. The return took him 25 minutes - some photos were taken. Had a look downstream and ramp at foot of 11m pitch. Decided we needed a rope. Meanwhile M + S return so time for tea. Milk and mud sir ? One lump or two ? Gavin played with acetylene and flames to warm us up.

Now party split in two. Gavin and Stef out in drama and style - see later. B M T descended rift about 20m to really shitty layered mud ramp. Very nasty indeed, loose and horrible. Went out on the stopping service, 4½ hours, oh God, lets not talk about it. Just say we got back.

Team 'Freeze', Gavin & Stef set off 1.00 am. I'd just passed the triangular slot when I realised no sign of Gavin. Abseiled back down the pitch and caught up with him. A few helpful hints, and off we went again. I stayed 1/2 pitches ahead until my lamp died, then had to go for it, leaving Gavin to his own devices. Out 4.00 am. Quick dump into the bivvy bag. Gavin out 5.30. Off at 6.00. Back at car at 7.00ish.

Time u/g : Stef 8, BMT 11 hrs, Gavin 9½

Mike's glow-worm is contagious.

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    Thursday. Light drizzle. 144 pointless trip.