152 Push

Fri 02 Aug 1985

[date dubio0us - ed.] Time down 8 hrs Day started out wet, so not underground until ~ 5 pm. Took ropes and 2 x bolting kits, anchors etc. & food. Rigged second pitch on Mike's bolts, approx 3m into small chamber, exit along short rift, widening and back into rift for 3rd pitch. Rigged in drip, back up/traverse line for 1½ m drop just before 4m pitch. Here enters one into Dump Chamber. To left is blocked tight passage, to right a small exit into large rift, high, 10 ft wide, full of very unstable scree and boulders - Boulder Alley. 30m at 45° brings into chamber, a hole in the boulder choke drops 3m to floor of chamber, climb over boulders ahead and cross a dodgy traverse over a bridge, down onto floor and down very unstable slope to exit, scramble down 2m through boulders in an 'S' shape into rift. Along a few metres is a 3m pitch, rigged with 2 calcite bolts; small chamber, rift. Exit to right, a few more metres to pitch (3m), down rift, tight-ish. Along rift in same direction, over a drop (2m) and along rift, keyhole shape, stay high (same level as pitch bottom). 2m drop, 3m along is 4m pitch, put wire belay round rock at top of small drop to give handline to pitch head. Mud floor, phreatic tube leads up, 1½ m diameter, mud floor. Cross undescended rift at right angles, up over top of mud heap, tube [ two lines (?) missing from bottom and top edges of photocopy ] keyhole rift, runs into top of pitch - run out of tackle, turned around and left, no hassle except Stef's dump in Dump Chamber really stank. NB. Boulder Alley and Boulder Chamber should be crossed singly as rocks very unstable & fall spontaneously.