Thu 01 Aug 1985

Up at 7.00 am, down at 10.00 am. Slow descent due to inexperience of myself and Mark. Brian replaced naff bolt. Mark put in one of his own at triangular slot. I put in another bolt at triangular slot (dropping and losing spanner). Next pitches quickly rigged to bottom at mud wall level. Quick break for food - Mark went exploring (see later) and made bid for "Golden Boot". Brian had a quick look at phreatic level - strongly draughting downward passage to left leads to streamway and later water features - includes stalactite - "frig-rig" pitch to streamway. This leads to ramp. Needs another trip to determine if this passage goes. Started slow ascent - again due to us SRT novices, but speeded up noticeably towards end. Came out ~ 8.30. Dark before reached car park. Heavy rain, difficult drive. Arrived back ~ 10.20. Time underground ~ 10½ hrs. 144 phreatic extension - someone sketch please.