CUCC Expo Handbook - Hut Network Cables

Hut Network Cables

Hut Network - Ethernet, USB and video

There may ALSO be an ethernet cable between the printer and the Netgear ethernet/wifi device

AA1 netbook
sits high up out of reach

Note there are FOUR (4) different power supply bricks

  1. Powerbrick for Dell E4200 (Crowley)
  2. Powerbrick for Acer Aspire One (tclaspire3)
  3. Powerbrick for R61 Thinkpad (Aziraphale)
  4. Powerbrick for Netgear WNDR4000 wifi/ethernet device

[Actually there may be 5 power bricks: the USB hub may need power too.]

The Acer Aspire One (tclaspire3) and Dell E4200 (Crowley) each have internal, built-in wifi, but we do not use these and they are turned off (with a physical sliding-switch on the case) to reduce confusion.

Aziraphale also has an ethernet socket and can be connected by ethernet cable to the network if convenient and if within-hut wifi is congested.

The mains power plugs are illustrated with 2 pins for clarity, but they are all 3-pin UK-style pugs in reality.

Wiring the ethernet

The back of the Netgear WNDR4000

Networking Software - configuration nerding

This is now described on a separate page.

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