CUCC Expedition Handbook - Gear Tape

Gear tape colours for Expo 2021


Geartape lists for CUCC and previous expo years

Colour - 1 Name Expo
Purple EXPO communal property 2019
Galaxy pattern Michael Holliday (SUSS) 2019
Silver gray Corin Donne (SUSS) 2019
White Dickon Morris (UBSS) 2019
Blue CEB CHEMICAL Michael Sargent 2019
Purple toughtags Cat Henry Maybe
Red toughtags Adam Henry Maybe
Purplish-blue nail-polish Daniel Heins (UBSS) 2019

Colour - 2 Name Expo
Grey, Green Manfred Wuits (Vienna) 2018
Black, Green Jon Arne Toft 2019
Brown, Blue Ruairidh Macleod 2019
Purple, Yellow Mark Shinwell Maybe
White, Red Mike Butcher (ULSA) 2019
White, Red Philip Sargent 2019
White, Orange Alice Shackley 2019
White, Blue Haydon Saunders Maybe
Blue, Yellow Becka Lawson 2019

Colour - 3 Name Expo?
Blue, White, Blue White is thin Radost Waszkiewicz 2019
Black, White, Black Reuben Harding 2019
Black, Red, Black Red is thin Paul Fox 2019
Yellow, Black, Yellow Tom Crossley 2019

Gear-tape - labelling

It is almost essential (for caving generally, but particularly for Expo) to settle on a particular combination of colours of electrical insulation tape, and label absolutely everything you own with the stuff. The table above shows combinations already taken. For other CUCC colour combinations already in use see CUCC current colours and, if you are really keen on being unique, also check out older cavers' gear colours.

Tape everything, not just your caving gear; while one karabiner looks much like another, it's equally true that one karrimat looks much like another. And especially your phone, phone cable, charger, charger-cable, laptop, mouse, mug/plate/cutlery - essentially anything you want to be reasonably sure to get back.