CUCC Expedition Handbook

Uploading Photos (simple)

We have an online form you can use from any web browser to upload a load of files to your folder on the server for the current year of the expedition.

You will need to login as user 'expo' with the usual {cavy:beery} password.

This is restricted to upload photos into the server's photo area for just the current year's expedition. There is a sub-form on the page for you to create a folder if there is not already one with your name on it.

Your own photo folder is named like this: YourName. It is a simplified, anglicized version of your name. It should have no spaces, accents. hyphens, apostrophes or underline characters. When creating a new folder using the form, the form will prevent you using nonalphabetic characters.

(You cannot create sub-folders. All your photos go into the same folder.)

Please, please rename the filenames of the photos intelligently to e.g. "big-hole-near-path-to-fgh.jpg", or "2018-ad-07-entrance3.jpg" rather than "DSC31415926.jpg" or whatever your camera app produces.

Please use lower-case for all the filenames of photogrpahs.

Please don't upload lots of near-duplicate photos: cull them first to just the good ones.

Simple instructions

  1. If you only have a photo or two just email or message them to someone who knows how to do it.
    If you are doing more than a few photos, email will be clunky, so do this:
  2. Copy the photo files from your phone to any laptop using a USB cable.
    See phone app if you do not know how to copy files from your phone.
  3. Rename the filenames of the photos to something descriptive (see para above).
  4. After copying your files to a laptop, use the the Upload Photos form to upload them.

Complete beginners can also put all their files into their own folder within the folder /home/expo/expofiles/uploads/ on the expo laptop and ask a more experienced user to upload them.

Blog photos

If you want to use your photos in a blog (see Using uploaded photos in blogs), use the Upload Photos form to upload the high quality, original resolution image files first. Then in your blog, reference those photos using a URL such as this:

That's it, you're done. Well, you won't see them online yet, but that's not your job at this point.

Photos script

The albums online on the server are regenerated by a script which is run occasionally which uses a package called 'bins', see server config. More detail in the more complex (but not yet expert) instructions.

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