CUCC Expedition Handbook

Uploading Photos and files - Experts

Experts only

If you have been using FTP since the last century or are particularly keen on doing everything using the command-line, read on.

With the new server in 2019 it is harder to configure scp or sftp (or ssh or rsync) because the server needs a key-pair setup setting up first. So while scp (once working) is now more secure than it was, we are forced to allow ordinary ftp to allow experienced but non-key-exchanged expoers' laptops or phones to upload photos to the server. This is worse than it was as the password is now sent in clear.

So it is important that the ordinary ftp access is restricted to the /uploads/ folder tree. See key-pair setup instructions for how to arrange with an admin for this to be done for your device.

Using scp - requires key-pair setup for the device

Works on Windows (using winscp), Linux (using scp), and no doubt mac and android with other tools. If you have Windows 10 and have installed WSL, then you can use scp and don't need winscp.

If you don't have winscp installed you can get it from here:

quick start guide:


scp gives you an 'explorer-like' interface (although winscp can give you a norton-commander-style 2-pane UI as well).

'OpenSSH in Windows' includes ssh, scp and sftp command-line executables too. And for these the integration with the ssh key is good and well-documented.

rewite this bit...

  1. Download and install Filezilla.
  2. Or learn to use scp.
  3. Or on a Windows machine try Winscp.
  4. Or if you are using an Android mobile phone, follow the andftp Android instructions .

Expo laptops

The expo laptop has got the key-pair setup set up on it so it is configured for Filezilla to use sftp not ftp but this is invisible to normal use.

Using WebDAV

This no longer works as we had to change the folder permissions for /uploads/. Sorry.

Using rsync

No, don't use rsync for this. Really don't. It's too liable to delete everything or to overwrite files which are not changed at all because of the incompatibilities between Linux and Windows filename conventions (uppercase and lowercase are automagically converted and rsync gets it wrong).

Regenerating photos albums

ssh in to the server, cd to /expofiles/ and

$ ./updatephotos
will regenerate it all using the installation of bins on the server using the config in /home/expo/config/bins/binsrc