CUCC Expedition Handbook

Configuring Filezilla to upload photos etc.

Installing Filezilla

This software works identically on both Windows and Linux.

Filezilla is an "FTP client". This means that it connects to servers using a venerable service called "file transfer protocol" i.e. FTP. It looks a bit like copying files from one folder to another on your desktop but it works between different machines.

These are instructions for installing it on your own machine. But none of this will work until you have also done the key-pair setup procedure.

Before continuing, make sure that you have the "cavey:beery" password for the expo server. You will need it.

Having installed Filezilla using the installation instructions, you now need to import a configuration file to set it up to use with the public expo server.

Once you have uploaded your files, ask someone who knows to move them to the right place.

More expert use

Instead of putting everything in /expofiles/uploads/ why not do it properly? Go back to uploading instructions - experienced users and find out.
Back to Uploading instructions using Filezilla.