1623 / 2023-lc-01 Tempesthöhle

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Tempest Entrance Series

Enter the cave on a traverse on the left wall to a y-hang. Pass the deviation 3m down and then pass two single bolt rebelays. Continue down a snow slope and over the left of a wedged boulder down a 45degree slope. When you reach the pitch head there is a ledge up on the left which circles round into the main chamber down a very steep icy slope. The main route continues down this 4m pitch. You then enter a sloping chamber with a very very large wedged boulder at the far right hand side. The final survey point (7) is at the bottom of the pitch, with leads to the left and right.


Narnia continues to the right hand side of the large boulder with a 5m climb down, followed by a walk inbetween two ice features. Follow forwards to the start of a traverse and then down a 10m pitch into a small chamber. The route continues down to the left through a tight squeeze into a tight rift. Free climb down the rift into a much larger rift. This continues forwards and ends with a short choke to the left, and a longer choke to the right.

The Touch of Death

Heading right at the bottom of the pitch leads to a walking-sized passage with a rocky floor. This quickly links with the slope and continues for 100m before termianting in a bouldery choke. Along its length there are a couple of blind avens and a ceiling tube oxbow. A too tight rift leads off on the right near the passage end.


rope: 25m, 25m, 6m, 10m hangers/crabs: 30 1 sling for deviation on entrance


Lizzie Caisley, Joel Stobbart, Merryn Matthews, Tom Phillips, Emily Mabbett, Ash Gregg, Zac Woodford


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  1. Id letter: 'a' Tempest Edit this entrance
    Walk through the bunda to reach the entrance.
    Large entrance on the top of the hill - right near the cross.
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    1623.p2023-lc-01 47.69111N 13.80984E (UTM33 410691, 5282655), 1701m (SRTM is +37 m, distance from reference: 26m)

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