1623 / 2023-hbrw-03 Amphitheater Höhle

Underground Description

Amphitheater Höhle is named after its entrance which resembles an amphitheather. There are a couple of meters of an easy climb from the very top to the boulder where you start rigging. It begins with an approx. 5-6m down climb, rigged wit a handline. This is followed by a traverse of ~10m above the entrance to the first pitch, rigged as a Y-hang from the end of the traverse (see photo). The first pitch is at least 20m deep and ends on a wide ledge filled with snow. The pitch is not vertical so we used 2 deviations on the way down. Beyond the snowy ledge there is a short ~5m traverse which leads to the second pitch. The second pitch is icy and drippy, and continues in a passage which seems to be going but it chokes with ice boulders, making further exploration dangerous.


Radost Waszkiewicz, Honorata Bogusz, Ash Gregg, Janis

Scanned survey notes

1623-2023-hbrw-03 (if any)


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    Radost Waszkiewicz, Honorata Bogusz
    Other Station
    1623.p2023-hbrw-03 47.6928093N 13.8062620E (UTM33 410426, 5282849), 1716m (SRTM is 0m, distance from reference: 8m)

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