1623 / 2023-KT-02 Silbermottehöhle -

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Underground Description

The entrance is a body sized triangular hole. This has been dug for about 3 metres until squeezing up into a small junction called rotten toe junction. It is spacious kneeling height.

Straight ahead is an upwards passage that choked out after 11 metres, however to the right there is an exciting tube with a beautiful draft. It is a grippy sharp tube hat veers left with a good echo that leads into a loose descending, freeclimbable passage called 'It's not loose if you're not looking' and it drops down in steps getting larger until a thrutchy 4 metre climb into a disappointing chamber called Knuckleduster chamber with a small 5cm high bedding plane at one end and at the other a human width 45 degree angle descending passage.

The passage is choked and has been dug to no avail. Overall the cave seemed promising with a wonderful draft but sadly chokes. May go if dug.



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1623-2023-KT-02 (if any)


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    1623.p2023-kt-02 47.69175N 13.81328E (UTM33 410950, 5282723), 1734m (SRTM is +9 m, distance from reference: 20m)

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