1623 / 2023-KT-01 Katzenaugenhöhle -

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Two entrances that connect by 2 short passages one of which was partially blocked by snow and ice. The first entrance went down through loose rock and stopped in a low small chamber with a boulder choke.

The second entrance was slightly wider and had snow partialy covering it. After the snow it went down to a small ledge. We choose to go right down rather than left as this was partly covered by snow. There was some ice features just by the edge of the ledge. We followed these down to the bottom. This is where we found a low chamber which connected up to the other entrance.

On the way back up Kai did a through trip so we could survey both entrances. We used a 10m rope as a hand line.


Kai, Nadia, Flo, Max

Scanned survey notes

1623-2023-KT-01 (if any)


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    The entrance has a steady slope before it drops vertically. This can be walked down before a rope is needed.
    Kai, Max, Flo, Nadia
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    1623.p2023-kt-01 47.69124N 13.81165E (UTM33 410827, 5282668), 1690m (SRTM is +42 m, distance from reference: 25m)

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