Hilti-a-Plenty exploration - rigging trip

Wed 06 Jul 2016

Underground by 11am. It being Alice's first expo, we wanted to give her some experience of rigging in Austria and this seemed a good choice being close to the entrance, quite deep but not too deep and promising quite a few leads to push later. Alice rigged very well - safe, tight, high and functional rigging all round and efficient to. Once at the bottom, we decided to have a look around at the leads and what had allready been surveyed.

First we went left from the bottom of the pitch series to a small bouldery chamber, from there we went left and along a tightish passage to a draughty aven. Quite a promising lead via a traverse over the aven and into a small phreatic crawl was left. Then we went back to the small bouldery chamber and went up a vadose ramp to Spunge Chamber (4 pots in a row), this back to find some excellent mud formations. Then back to the bottom of the Hilti-a-Plenty pitch and turning right to the large bouldery chamber with many leads. Leaving pushing for another day, we then headed out.