2007-71, 15-02B

Tue 28 Jun 2016

Olly rigged down 15-02B. Sadly it ended about where the final disto leg of 2015 landed. Derigged out and removed all of our gear from the cave. I was very sad it had ended. Went to look at 97 (The day before I had climbed down the entrance chimney to see if the vocal connection to 2007-71c was worth digging - it isn't as it will just be too tight after the dig. The chimney is a fairly easy climb but tricky in current ice levels to exit at the top - it is tight and you are wedged in at the top of a 10m climb!). Anyway today we surveyed from the tage the doline and the climb.

Had a look at the surface near 2007-71, There is a strong linear feature with a small chamber off it, but not really an actual cave.