Loser Plateau - Surface stroll

Sun 25 Jul 1999

BECKA - digital logbook gave dates of 25th and 26th for this write-up

Bimbled across the plateau and up into the col twixt Nied Augst Eck & HSK. Lots & lots of entrances here, many of which are horizontal - see notes for this trip. Main find, on the col itself, was a very large horizontal entrance near a prominent rock bridge.

<center>[IMAGE: Sketch of entrance. MISSING]<!-- img alt="sketch of entrance - 4k gif" width=650 height=350 src="log1.png" --></center>

Two entrances, 'a' found first.

ent 'a' - short scramble down into entrance gulley leads to large opening and immediate pitch. Daylight visible from opp. side of pitch.

ent 'b' - pretty much as for 'a' except descent looks easier via this entrance.