Team Raspberry Ripple

Fri 18 Jul 1997

All v. civilised, even tho' I had shitloads of gear there was only the two of us, so it all fitted. Saw Clive et al at Dover, & Mike et al (who ignored us) & apparently Jeremy was hanging around in the melee, but we didn't see him. Did the chunnel, & Mike + Dave came along to say hi + I splashed raspberry juice all over Tony's car. Oh, and we'd all brought a litre of single malt so we were OK. We drove & swapped & drove + swapped + drove... It was horrible & v._v_ wet. At about 4am it got light, but it was still wet. We did the scenic tour north of Salzburg - Tharau, Mondsee,??, Mendre & finally [scribble] Wolfgangzee. That took an hour in the rain. So are we going to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd (asked Tony?) 2nd if we're lucky, MikeTA will have floored it + Adam's probably beat us too. We were first. Said hi to Karin, shopped in Bad Aussee & MikeTA arrived. Beers in Hildes. I crashed, but the single malt was cracked open.

two trips from all five of us to 19/9 Top Camp with our caving gear + Shit. Even managed to be dry on the 2nd.

PM - Germans dropped by for a couple of hours & a couple of beers. They've re-surveyed our original Stellerweg stuff. Gave them a whisky taster sesh then they went + we finished the 2nd crate of beer, dried our boots + sang (no ghetto blaster).