Wallet 2005#14

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WalletWallet DateCaveWallet NameSurvex survey length S C Q N P E T W
2005#14 July 28, 2005 1623-234 flashgun 16m                

Cave ID: ['1623-234'] which implies "1623-234"
Survey area: flashgun|Flashgun Chamber pitch
Survex files: caves-1623/234/flashgun.svx

Logbook trips on this date:
    204 - Gaffered - Earthenware + Heavily Soiled
    Loser Plateau - Surface work
Survex files on this date:
 "cave": "", 
 "date": "", 
 "description url": "/caves", 
 "description written": false, 
 "electronic survey": false, 
 "elev drawn": false, 
 "elev not required": false, 
 "name": "", 
 "people": [
 "plan drawn": false, 
 "plan not required": false, 
 "qms written": false, 
 "survex file": "", 
 "survex not required": false, 
 "website updated": false