Cave Identifier not found in database

Cave identifier looked for: 'caves-1623/136/chile/runnyb'

You probably got here because a survex (.svx) file has been stored on the server in the :loser: repository but whoever was responsible has not yet created the appropriate XML file the :expoweb: repository which registers the cave description and ties together the survex files with everything else.

The process for registering a new cave is documented in this part of the survey handbook.

It is also possible that the cave description page is being viewed using an alternative URL, so that the local links in the page to other parts of the cave do not work.
e.g. /cave/1623-161 is not the correct way of looking at Kaninchenhohle,
you should be using
/1623/161/top.htm instead.

If that is the case, tell a nerd that we haven't fixed the fault that we thought we had fixed.


What you should do now

Please report the error by emailing the nerds at with this information:

  1. The error message written in red above.
  2. The previous page URL:
  3. Go back to this previous page and see if you can tell whether the bad page reference was in HTML text which had been written manually, or whether it appeared to be a programming error.