Surveys for Organhöhle - id:1623-283

Cave description: 1623/283.html

Wallets: 1623-283


If you can see a filename here: [ caves-1623/283/283.svx  ] which does not match any in the list below including the directories beginning with caves-162X/ not just the filename, then (if logged on) you can click here 1623-283_cave_edit to go to a form to correct the online data. Instructions for filling in this form are in this part of the survey handbook.


Survex fileBlockDateExplorerslengthTitlesScans
283 0.0 Organhöhle
fake Wed 01 Jan 1992 0.0 (Organhöhle)
organ_entrance Thu 30 Jul 2015 Mike Futrell Andrea Futrell 166.8 (Organhöhle)