Surveys for Plateau Schacht 90/3 - id:1623-173

Cave description: 1623/173/173.html

Wallets: 1623-173

If you were expecting to see a list of survex files here and a summary table of who did what and when, perhaps because you followed a link from the master caves' survex list page which showed that such survex files clearly existed, and yet there is nothing here but a blank; then this will be because
[a] - this cave has no survex survey files at all, or
[b] - you have run a 'caves' parsing import after running a 'survex' import and the survex data has been blanked out, or
[c] - the survex (.svx) files have been stored on the server in the :loser: repository but whoever was responsible has not yet created the appropriate entries in the XML file in the :expoweb: repository AND no one has put the name of the cave in the expoweb/cave_data/pendingcaves.txt list. It is the XML file which registers the cave description and ties together the survex files with everything else.

The process for registering a new cave is documented in this part of the survey handbook.

If you can see a filename here: [   ] which does not match any in the list below including the directories beginning with caves-162X/ not just the filename, then (if logged on) you can click here 1623-173_cave_edit to go to a form to correct the online data. Instructions for filling in this form are in this part of the survey handbook.