Stuart Bennett : 2005

116.7 m surveyed this year.

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Table of all trips and surveys aligned by date

Aug. 5, 2005 Cave 2005-04 - and Cave 2005-05 Cave 2005-04 enth 92.3 m
Aug. 6, 2005 enti 24.4 m

Horrible bug here but only when there is more than one survex block per day, e.g. see Wookey 1999 where there are 3 eiscream survex blocks on 5th August. it duplicates the entry but gets it wrong. The length from the first block is displayed twice but there should be 3 rows: eiscream, eiscream2, eiscream3.

Fortunately it is just this display on this page which is wrong: no bad calculations get into the database.

The interaction of django database query idioms with django HTML templating language is a bit impenetrable here. I blame Aaron Curtis who was too fond of being clever with the Django templating system instead or writing it in python anyone could understand.
- The template is in troggle/templates/personexpedition.html
- The code is in function personexpedition() which calls get_person_chronology() in troggle/core/views/
- the connection between the two is made in the URL resolver in troggle/

To be fixed!