Mark Roddick : 1985

246.3 m surveyed this year.

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Table of all trips and surveys aligned by date

July 28, 1985 Surface Prospecting Surface Prospecting
-- team heroes team heroes
Aug. 1, 1985 144 144
Aug. 2, 1985 152 Push 152 Push
Aug. 3, 1985 Surface survey P4 to 152 via 151, 150 Surface survey P4 to 152 via 151, 150
Aug. 5, 1985 bananamain 246.3 m
Aug. 7, 1985 Wednesday - pissed down again. Wednesday
Aug. 9, 1985 152 detackle 152 detackle
Aug. 12, 1985 152 tackle 152 tackle

Horrible bug here but only when there is more than one survex block per day, e.g. see Wookey 1999 where there are 3 eiscream survex blocks on 5th August. it duplicates the entry but gets it wrong. The length from the first block is displayed twice but there should be 3 rows: eiscream, eiscream2, eiscream3.

Fortunately it is just this display on this page which is wrong: no bad calculations get into the database.

The interaction of django database query idioms with django HTML templating language is a bit impenetrable here. I blame Aaron Curtis who was too fond of being clever with the Django templating system instead or writing it in python anyone could understand.
- The template is in troggle/templates/personexpedition.html
- The code is in function personexpedition() which calls get_person_chronology() in troggle/core/views/
- the connection between the two is made in the URL resolver in troggle/

To be fixed!