Tony Malcolm

Tony Malcolm has been on expo in the following years:

Tony Malcolm, (Fitzwilliam 1977-?, Committee 1977-78, Secretary 1978-79)
Expedition 1979 (worked in 1623/99 and helped in Eislufthöhle (1623/76)), 1980 (Team Sunbeam - explorers of Sonnenstrahlhöhle 1623/113, the Sunbeam was Tony's car, making 113 the only cave CUCC has (indirectly) named after a car), 1983 (much time searching on VSK, eventually finding and exploring 143 and 144 - now the highest entrance to the Stellerweg system).
Photo taken outside Eislufthöhle on the final derig, 1979.

Photo © Andy Waddington, 1979