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Mark Shinwell.

open Core

type xml =
  | Element of Xmlm.tag * xml list
  | Data of string

let rec dump_xml = function
  | Element (((_, name), _attrs), xmls) ->
    Printf.eprintf "Element %s:\n" name;
    dump_xmls xmls;
    Printf.eprintf "Element %s ends.\n" name
  | Data d -> Printf.eprintf "Data %s\n" d
and dump_xmls xmls =
  List.iter xmls ~f:dump_xml

let input_xml file =
  let chan = In_channel.create file in
  let el tag children = Element (tag, children)  in
  let data str = Data str in
    let input = Xmlm.make_input (`Channel chan) in
    let _dtd, xml = Xmlm.input_doc_tree ~el ~data input in
    In_channel.close chan;
  with Xmlm.Error ((line, column), error) ->
    Printf.eprintf "XML parsing error (line %d, column %d): %s\n"
      line column
      (Xmlm.error_message error);
    failwith "Cannot parse GPX file"

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