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Sun 28 Aug 2022
Keiran Appadoo

Blog Author: ILoveCaves [guessed to be Kieran. ??!]

The Beginning (Post 1 of 2) -“I'm going on an adventure!”​

After spending the better half of 2 months in north Africa on research, I was VERY MUCH not in any 'cave-fit shape', however, the idea of doing two underground camps some 500 meters down somehow seemed like a good idea at the time.....

As I sit now facing my beautiful majestic breeze block office wall, I think back to how the view on top of the plateau might have been slightly better.

- Sunset on the plateau. Following on from a conversation about why dog bowls are suitable eating vessels by Hannah -


One of the discoveries mentioned earlier was that of the 40cm 'fish' spine, some 500 meters down. A basic rendered model can be seen here:
Fish Fossil 3D model

Currently, we do not have any further information on the species or if it is a fish... However, some nicer renders from the point cloud data I collected are here. Being an Indiana Jones wannabe archaeologist, I'm not interested in fossils. But after waiting what felt like 15 hours for Harry to draw a single line in his sketching book, it seemed rather more interesting; that and the feelings in my hands had left me, the Disto laser wasn't warming my hands up when I pointed it at them.

Fish Image 201.jpg

Fish Image00.jpg

3D Data​

Once I have finished processing the rest of the data, I will make part two of this post, going over the types of data collected this year and how this will start feeding into the CUCC expo. Alongside why this new way of surveying is indeed the future of underground surveying (Further info here), Cave Surveying

As usual, all of our research data is available for free!
3D Data
Covid Corner Passages

- Covid Highway Passages -


- Covid Highway Passages Mid, Cross Section -


One wonders what that fishyzzz last meal was




Hannah - "My Van has Safe Spaces"

Harry, Alice, Oakham - "Let's do Via Ferrata the other way around"

Charlotte - "Is up bolting as your first bolting experience a good idea?"

Nat - "There is more protein in a Kit Kat than these Curries"

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