NS-14 - Failure

Thu 18 Aug 2022
Kristian Brook

We set off for NS-14 to drop it and investigate this massive hole. Kristian carrying a very heavy survey kit and Alex carrying 100m of rope, metal work and the drill and batteries. Alex was carrying the trip. We got to NS-14 and while looking for suitable bolting locations we found two bolts that suggested the hole had been dropped. Further investigation revealed that this was 288 and useless cunts had not linked it.

Stoked killed we went to the next hole over where a hole in the side of a rifty depression showed some mystery. After some umming and ahing we decided to appeoach the hole from above as it was 6m above the ground. K Brook rigged the drop and found the hole blind and only 7m long. Not enough for a Kaster number but it will be entered as 2022-KB-01.

Time wasted we set off down the hill to avoid further rain.


Location = 47.69869 degrees N, 13.82425 degrees E

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    NS-14 - Failure