Balkonhöle - Camping in Pitstop. N. Powerhouse leads

Sun 14 Aug 2022

Main trip already written up by Becka. (Becka and Nat also on the trip). This is an addition on our finds. Becka + Nat took the inviting, muddy ramp lead whilst we went to check out the 'P4' at end of side passage. We got drill first, but a short inspection showed that the "P4' was a very easy C6 with no need for bolting. Took drill back to others, then spent some time looking for survey stations. Couldn't find end points so went back till we found 3 in a row to sync to. Also checked out upper canyon not on survey. Shit with gear, but blowing. Left for water.

Main passage is nice 3m (illegible), windy, with deep (~5m) trench in floor. Down the c6 we ended up in awkward trench and surveyed about 6 legs with the 90kg Andreas getting increasingly unimpressed, until Wook realised a slightly wide bit allowed him to climb up back into main passage, which was dramatically wider. Worked out how to bypass the shit bit, and continued surveying for another ~50m to a large cross-rift. Pitch to left (~15m) with strong wind blowing out and very dodgy false floor. Realised whole floor here may be false. Very hard to tell if there was any solid floor. Crossed assorted dodgy boulders over a couple of ~10m climbs, probably until the bottom of the same rift (needs rope).

Arrived at spot with very pretty floor. Real shame to cross without (illegible) as no obvious 'best' route. Up to L is a fairly easy 6m climb (QMA) into what is almost ceratainly the continuation. Ahead in 15m dead straight passage to blockage of rocks. But there is a thrutchy climb possible up into black space (QMB). Almost certainly the same passage. May be esaier route?

Ascending these really needed a rope, if only to avoid having to climb down again. We had left that at the start & time was a-passing so we returned to start & surveyed the other way down the passage. Beautiful water-filling pool then a descent into canyon. Looks like it gets a bit small, and needs a rope. QMB downstream, C upstream (no wind). Also a couple of small passages near the pool not (illegible) QMB.

We were following the wind the whole time. Becka & Nat were going into the wind, so this route should be 'downstram' even though it is gently rising.

Also checked out shitty rift/canyon at start, concluding that it rally is quite committing & almost certainly is just the floor canyon in what we surveyed (drawing-up should clarify). Overall a nice day out, 180m surveyed & number of QMs increased. This is still going strong.

Camping with the Nat & Becka slow was fun & it was good to have such a strong team. Campsite rather muddy & the razor-gauntlet to go & have a piss was awkward, but over all a pretty comfy 2 nights.

The far end of N. Powerhouse leads quite remote, at a solid 8hrs caving (with bag) from the entrance. We wore Andreas out on the way out (not least due to slipping croll). Nice to get in a satisfying trip for (illegible) go before going home, even if it was ridiculously hard work.

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