Fischgesicht - Connecting the Kresh Connection

Sun 14 Aug 2022
Rachel Turnbull

Rob tipped us off to a window ledge opposite the pinnacle on the 3RD pitch of Fischgesicht.

SUN I tried to faff for a day but by 1pm was fully resorted to never endulge in this again. Headed underground in FG with Nathan. Came off the rope onto the safety scree on the 3RD pitch and Nathan descended to the pinnacle to swing to a window on the far wall.

The rope was rigged off a very conveniently placed thread off the right hand wall. This passage continues meandering, to a pitch (13/16?m) into a rift I sort of recognised with blocked rock and bridge.

Closer to the thread there was a climb on the right hand wall (total 8m). This circles back into the rift with the main pitch (illegible). Nathan forgot the drill bit, no fault of his own, so we left.

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