Balkonhöhle - Entrance rigging

Wed 27 Jul 2022
Luke Stangroom

Walked over with Chris, Hannah and Alice.

Rigged handline with nice rope (replaced with tatt later). Rigged the entrance, Hannah arrved just as I was finished We went off to see if Natural Highs was rigged, it wasn't, back to the entrance to get the rope. (Needs more than 26m). Then rigged Natural Highs, 2nd traverse and 10m down pitch, all in need of fettling. Went to the top of Honeycomb for an explore and then back to the entrance to find Alice and Chris. Arrived just as Alice was descending. Hannah led everyone back to Honeycomb, we all helped put a bolt in then left Alice and Chris to rig Honeycomb. Me and Hannah left with minor fettling to the rigging on the way out. I headed down the hill to sort out rope for Fishface.

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