plateau - back to Fischgesicht for more prospecting

Thu 11 Jul 2019

We set off back to Fischgesicht for more prospecting in the general area.

Andrew Atkinson joined us as far as Fischgesicht whereupon I escorted him to the path to Homecoming.

Closely following the cairns took us very close to the cave itself without the bunde-bashing of the previous day.

After arriving back at FGS., we had some lunch and started prospecting. Nothing of note was found.

From my perspective, the worst cave was RH03 - short but narrow thrutchy (sp?) crawling in sharp rocks covered in guano (sp?).

Doing this in shorts and T-shirt, I got quite a few cuts. A promising horizontal entrance, but choked within 15m. 3 tagged caves (tags: CUCC-2019; CD-01; RH-03; MH-02) with a few more GPS tagged.

Shortly after arriving back at top camp, Fleur and Pete arrived and we walked down the hill together.