FGH - survey

Thu 02 Aug 2018

Set off for Fischgesicht, to survey the shaft scooped on the 1st (See Adelaide 01/08/2018). Surveyed down the 3m rope we put in, and took a right at the crossroads just at the bottom of the scree slope (crossroads at point 5).

Took the left turning we first came to (point 8) and followed nice vedose dry passage until it came into much largber phreas (point 22). Followed left past where a rift came into the floor of the phreas, which we called Bird Arrow rift, because ofa peculiar rock marking. We left Bird Arrow rift for Adelaide & co (02/08/2018), and continued down the phreas.

The walking surface lowered down to the level of the water in the rift, where there was a pool, then climbed back out again. Traversed over the top of a pitch that followed the rift with the water, and the phreas continued upward. Eventually, the large phreas continued up into the ceiling, and the low level route passes through some small boulder choke into a sandy tube. The high phreas would be accessible with a traverse line for a climb up that is too exposed on its own.