Homecoming - Snagged and Shagged (shallow levels) & Rigging Guide

Fri 20 Jul 2018

  • Swung into shallow leads followed down past 5m pitch/climb, under crawl, turn left.
  • Went down left of rock bridge,(straight hang from from top) found 2 rifts, followed first toan aven, followed second until tight, vertical connection to first rift.
  • Went back up to rock bridge and dropped right side to deeper lead. Added a deviation off a natural above the bridge. At the floor to the right was pitch ~20m. Clean-washed and dripping QMB (QM1). De-rigged and left.
  • On third pitch of Homecomingtied rope from third pitch to connection between block and wall with bling. Not sure howeffective it will be. Added deviationon third pitch off top of big block with a sling.

Rigging Guide: Snagged and Shagged

First section, Second section

3rd section: