GSH - bottom of big pitch

Wed 02 Aug 2017
Luke Stangroom

With Rob escorting Nadia down the hill Becka was keen to see the continuation of GSH. Successful distribution of drill batteries. Set off to cave, route needs cairning but only takes 30 minutes. Mike and Nathan in CUCC-2017-28 (now named Fisch Gesicht Höhle). Inspected some horizontal leads at head of big pitch but crapped out immediately. Still had drill battery so descended to the pushing front from last trip. Battery wouldn’t die so had to keep on going, multiple options but ran out of rope.

On exit flood pulse happened at the top of the big pitch so not sure how it responds to water. CouldaWouldaShoulda was rigged perfectly out of the water. Exited cave, tagged CUCC-2017-28 noting that Mike and Nathan had probably not had any drill battery. Back to Top Camp in 40 minutes, confirmed that Nathan and Mike got no holes. Almost acted as callout for Balcony crew who got rained in despite the rain happening for 30 minutes 5 hours previously.

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