plateau - Prospecting, 2016-01

Tue 01 Aug 2017
George Breley

Revisited 2016-01 (explored briefly the previous year). Coordinates: 33T UTM 0411651, 5283655. Elevation: 1888m. Also went to find the drafting hole, untagged, identified by Pete 2(?) years ago. Coordinates: 33T UTM 0411202, 5283393. Elevation: 1782m.

2016-01: 3m climb down into 2x3m surface depression with muddy floor. Single bolt in wall at head height, descending small hole (obvious) at far end of depression. Optional deviation from chockstone adjacent to hole, rebelay ~2m down shaft. I descended to the end of the rope (22m + 9m - too short!) then downclimbed the rest of the shaft (~6m). Passage continues underneath ledge turning back on itself (limit of 2016 exploration). Further 4m downclimb and the passage very soon gets too tight/filled in. ascending passage on the left ends similarly. DEAD.

Rigging topo and survey sketch

Pete’s hole: wriggle down a slot and climb down ~2m. Very short crawl immediately ends in tiny chamber with draft emerging from under large slab of rock. Spent some time digging out cobbles but slab requires capping for further progress.

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