Balcony - Cathedral Chasm

Thu 27 Jul 2017
Ashley Gregg

Went back to Cathedral Chasm to finish off what was done the day before. Started by going left at the junction, this was after rigging the traverse to Cathedral Chasm (17m) and letting Elliott loose at the top of the really loose pitch.

Elaine and I surveyed along, eventually reaching an aven and pitch. Both crapped out, with the small stream we found en route disappearing into a pebbly floor. There was a bat skeleton at the top of the aven.

Elliott then met up with us to inform that the pitch had crapped out. I joined him to survey it, apparently it got very wet and loose near the bottom of the first drop. A definite QMC, but around 80m surveyed.

Elaine had become rather cold at this point so we got her bolting a B lead traverse with [ASH COME ON WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS SAY] I went digging. 5 trowel fulls of earth made it through. The lead then crapped out after 10m. I then put some conservation tape around the 3 bat skeletons in the main passage. By this time Elaine had finished the traverse, so we headed out leaving the lead to be completed later.

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