Tunnocks - Number of the Beast

Tue 21 Jul 2015

After an early start we got underground at 7:45 and continued to make good progress down to Number of the Beast. Mark added some deviations to the pitch below No. of the B. which is now much better. This pitch now called Widow Twanky's Knicker Elastic. A few other sections were also improved by additional bolts. Upon reaching the tensioned traverse around the large boulder, set up camp and selfishly let me push the next pitch. Below the traverse there are two pitches. The draft is coming from the left one so I put two Y-hangs in and dropped down ~20m to another chamber.

The passage continues down another pitch in a popcorn heavy rift. I was less happy with my rigging here and another Y-hang rebelay should be added. After this ~10m pitch another chamber is reached. Again another pitch ~20m must be dropped. I started putting some bolts in before running out of drill battery. This is quite the lead - the dust from the drill was being blown upwards !

The prussik out was unrelenting but fast which meant we exitted at 5:15 pm with just enough energy to amble down to the car park, and eat some veggie slop kindly prepared by Julian.