Tunnocks - complete rig to pushing front below Number of the Beast

Mon 20 Jul 2015
Anthony Day

Headed down with very little gear since it had all been taken in previously. Dumped some flapjack. Sorted out the Procrastination rig. Also dumped some flapjack at the top and established an emergency dump at the bottom (in the sandy bit between the poxy pitch below Procrastination and Bring on the Clowns) in case of flooding.

Descended Number of the Beast, which needed some work since the rebelay loops were ridiculously tight. After the Tunnocks entrance pitch I am not used to pitches where you can't see the previous rebelay bolt, so had failed to leave enough slack. Rachel sorted out the rig whilst I carried on down. Such was her diligence that she ended up abseiling the pitch three times to make sure everything was tickety-boo - which served the purpose of keeping her warm but entailed lots of extra prussiking.

Meanwhile I continued rigging the scrappy pitches towards the pushing front. The second of these was particularly dire and clearly in need of remedial work - what SRT illiterate put this rig in ? (*) Arriving at the 2015 pushing front, I was pleasantly surprised to find a rigged rope heading down the next two drops and along the (rather airy) traverse to the head of the final pitch - all I had to do was install a couple of deviations. By the time I had done this, Rachel had joined me so I rigged the final pitch and we both descended.

At the bottom, there are two main ways on. There is a phreatic passage wth a floor trench (traverse line required) which doesn't take much of a draught (QM-A). The star lead was a pitch in the other direction with a howling gale blowing up it (QM-A).

At that point we began the long slog out. At Bring on the Clowns, a large chunk of wall that Rachel was hanging onto fell off onto her and the rope, causing a certain degree of disquiet. By the time we emerged, Rachel determined that she didn't want to see another rebelay for a while and was even contemplating caving in the Mendips.

(*) It was me.

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