Balcony - 94a, 95a

Mon 20 Jul 2015
David Walker

We went in Balcony to push 94a and 95a. The passage continued under a boulder which could be climbed up from the far side to reach 95a by an easy 4m free climb. 95a is nice straight walking passage which led to a 3m climb into a chamber with numerous leads. A small pitch may lead to horizontal passage - or it could be another alcove. Traversing around the pitch would provide 2 further leads.

To the left of the climb a large rift can be followed until a climb down requiring a rope is encountered. Before this, a crawling passage was found to the right leading to a 4m pitch. It seems likely that several of these leads are connected.

94a was pushed for about 10m where it turns a corner at a rocky slope. We left this as a walking lead.

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