go down Champagne on Ice / Coldfinger in Tunnocks

Tue 05 Aug 2014

Arrived in Austria delighted to see our lead from last year being pushed & going so well. Arrived at the rigging front in slightly drippy shaft series. Joe went down from Anthony & CJD's last rebelay, but this left a wet final hang to the floor. So I persuaded Joe to come back up fro a re-rig. He dismantled Anthony's rebelay, but instead of heading for a window as I had hoped, he continued to the floor. Still the cave went on, Joe kept rigging, Pete & I following surveying. It was all looking great, but after two more pitches it died. The stream went into a tiny rift and sumped. I said I would de rig as I wanted a look in the window 2 pitches up. I swung in and it looked like a different floor. So Joe went for a quick bolt to see it it went. It did! And also interrupted a horizontal passage which turned out the next day to connect to Arctic Angle. Satisfied we were leaving a good leave, we could now exit without derigging.

Not exactly a gentle introductory.