2005-05 Balcony Höhle

Tue 05 Aug 2014
Katey Bender

Noel, Mike and Andrea had set off nice and early to go look at some of our leads from the day before, including a traverse that wanted bolting. Using a drill tends to go more easily when the drill has a bit, though, so when Noel came back to get one Holly and I came along to the cave. Noel added a backup bolt to the top Y-hang then I descended first to fettle the rigging. After lots of waiting for people to descend to avoid bouldery death we set off to rig the traverse. While Noel was discovering a chasm too wide to traverse across Holly and I were looking at the parallel shaft we'd found, and we made a sound connection between the two (unsurprising, as Noel described around the corner of the pitch as a rift).

We decided to leave that traverse alone for the time being and as Noel derigged I took everyone else to Liar's bakery, the ?B, for Mike and Andrea to poke around in. Holly, Noel, and I then went to traverse the parallel shaft Holly and I had visited instead. Traversing over one pitch led to a second hole in the floor, giving the area the name Pit Pot. Traversing over the second pit landed on a rubble-covered ledge with a small window leading to a nice big pitch! Rocks fell for ~3 sec, so we estimated the depth of the shaft at 60m. We surveyed to the window -a whopping 13m - and headed out. Mike and Andrea had had rather more success, surveying 109.13m ending in a (dry) ~40m pitch. There are still plenty of leads to go back to, not too bad!

T/U: 6 hrs

Balcony Höhle Rigging Topo - Entrance Series (05/08/2014)
Balcony Höhle Rigging Topo - Entrance Series (05/08/2014)

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