More rigging in 107

Thu 24 Jul 2014

Came down hill after last trip as Joe needed to fettle phones. Wook kept getting asked nerding questions so didn't leave till 11ish. So underground by 2pm.

Lovely trip, partly as I had thick fleece furry instead of thin one so much warmer, but also done almost as 2 independent trips, with Joe rigging ahead & Wook following, sorting the 'economical' rigging to add backups to one-bolt-wonders & swap 51m rope on ropeless traverse for 39m one.

Joe came back to report squeeze then ran off again to keep warm. Wook followed to be confused by implausibly tight cave for Austria. Threw bag through squeeze only to note lack of traffic & get second thoughts, so backed out &, looked around. Dind't seem to go, to L or higher up. (He somehow failed to spot 51m rope left on route). Back through bottom squeeze to find confirmatory rope beyond. After a bit more confusion at wrong level in sleepless, whizzed on down to find very happy Joe at 'easy traverse'. Time to go home after great trip.

1hr out from there, taking top squeeze route instead (not really any better given annoying rift pitch approach

Back to top camp before dark @21:10

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    More rigging in 107