Find 107, Start rigging in

Wed 23 Jul 2014

Joe on his 3rd day of looking for 107. This time armed with a text message from Wookey at the computer, sent @ 3am, saying to find Wookey's caving gear stash and thus 148, then 107 was 120m away on 220(degrees). Unfortunately this was copied from an aven drag from 107, not to 107, so was backwards. Thus Joe & Aled spent about 3 hrs looking in the wrong place until Wookey arrived from base camp with a map. Armed with correct info 83 was quickly found (has a spit but no tag) and thus 107.


Then it thunderstormed (hail) whilst Aled and Joe were collecting rope from stash at edge of plateau. Aled had left cag at 148 so had to hide in bivvi bag (correction - survival bag) for 30 minutes - "toasty"

Finally got underground around 3pm. 107 is a nice cave & O+J get full marks for documentation (rigging guide + desc + QMs + survey). Rigging and route-finding went well. Joe shinned the ropeless traverse without gear. Aled followed with T-sacks before realising that a) this was foolish & b) he needed to come back & give Wookey hangers for rigging. Short period of excitement was survived.

Rigged down to Ropefree before going home. Cave is v. cold due to strong draught throughout. Bring woolies!

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    Rebolt/Rig Tunnocks Entrance Pitch
    Find 107, Start rigging in