Hedonism Highway/ Rocky Road area

Mon 12 Aug 2013
Fleur Loveridge

Returned 12th Aug, same team:

Cameron dropped a small pitch in the inlet rift, but only led on to an aven. So I dropped the rest of the main shaft in a nice 20m free hang. Overall this made a p30, now called ‘Downgrade’ as from 3A leads the day before we now had only 2. The pitch landed at a confluence of inlets – one we had been in the previous day and the other beneath the original hading passage (“Champagne a lie”). The outlet was a small rift leading almost immediately to another pitch. A partial descent was made but no more drill batteries.

T/U: 9hrs
Pete & Cameron returned 13th August, but made little more progress having forgotten the drill bit...... But it remains ongiong + great draught.
Rigging diagram of DOWN GRADE

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    Hedonism Highway/ Rocky Road area
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